Stretch Limos for Sale all over Australia

In providing one location online for buyers and sellers to find limousines, Limousine Sales are able to provide the biggest and best selection of limos in Australia. This approach allows for buyers and sellers to reap the rewards, buying and selling limos efficiently to the intended audience.

The biggest range of limos in Australia

Limousine Sales contains the largest selection of limousines and other large vehicles in Australia. We have makes from Europe, The United States and Australia, including Mercedes Benz, Chrysler and Ford, among many other makes. This ensures you can easily find the perfect limo that best suits your needs. We require of our users to provide very detailed information about their stretch limos, so that your buying experience is made very simple. In addition to information such as the year and number of kilometers done, we require users to remark in detail on the interior and exterior of the limousine. With limousines typically used quite regularly, we understand how important this information can be.

Selling stretch limousines simply

Selling your stretch limousine on Limousine Sales is as intuitive as buying one. For the low price of $29.95, you have the peace of mind knowing that your limousine is featured on the largest limousine sale site in Australia. Further edits of your sale description are always possible, ensuring that any changes in price or circumstance can be easily altered. If you wish to sell your limousine, you can easily do so by creating a profile with Limousine Sales and posting the advertisement with your account.

Limousines all around Australia

Regardless of where you live in Australia, be sure to find the right limo for you on Limousine Sales. We regularly feature limos from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and every other large city in Australia, ensuring your need to travel interstate is limited. Being an Australian company ourselves, we pride ourselves on being able to represent the Australian limousine market so fully for both new and used limos. If you’re interested in Limousines Sales, be it for buying or selling a limousine or other large vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us for further question and queries.

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